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Services 6At Voice Power we believe in more than supplying just the software and hardware, but the complete package to make sure you get the most out of your investment.


Voice Power Quick SupportOur Professional Services are at the core of our commitment to our customers to supply solutions that continue to provide a boost to your productivity for years to come.



With expericenced certified staff we have implemented solutions in diverse and challenging environments over many years and remain committed to ensuring our solutions are tailored to your specific needs.

A well planned implementation is critical to any software deployment. Our experienced team knows what it takes to ensure the rollout is successful, focusing on several key areas:

    Analysing exisiting workflow and document creation patterns
    Ensuring solutions work well with your existing Hospital IS (RIS/PACS/LIM) EHR or Legal IS (Lexis Affinity, InfinityLaw, Junior Partner)
    From single PC to Enterprise-wide packaging and deployment
    We provide a high level of support via e-mail, 0508 free-phone and remote PC support

Our solutions catering for a wide range of workflows, we tailor the solution to your personal, departmental or corporate needs.
Some common workflow packages we supply:

  • “Once & Done” authors who have full autonomy over their documents
  • “Fire & Forget” dictators whose recordings are speech recognised drafted for secretarial support to format and correct without their involvement
  • “Dictate it, fix it if I have time” authors who like speech recognition, but whose workload and pressure prevents them from fully correcting the document
  • “A bob both ways” all the above and use speech recognition for email and other documentation needs

There is no mystery to using speech recognition or digital dictation technology, but having said that; some aspects of the software are unique, requiring a paradigm shift for most users to adjust to its use. Based on years of experience, the software is not “off the shelf” or “plug and play”. The vast majority of enterprises not only benefit from help at the earliest stages, they need to have someone guide them. Worldwide, experience has shown that people who receive specialised tuition have a much higher success rate, learn the software easier and faster, remaining devoted users. For this reason we have a mandatory requirement that training be provided at the time of deployment.
Because of the personal nature of the technology, the most effective training is:

  • 1-on-1 onsite at the users workstation.
  • We also provide web based 1-1 remote training.
  • Group Training/Train the Trainer in some circumstances.

This ethos on training ensures customers who embark on a speech recognition journey with us, receive the benefits that are promised.
Being long term oriented we would rather lose a sale than compromise our training philosophy and risk creating a dissatisfied customer.

Once deployed, we measure baseline performance against business expectations.
This evaluation of your solution performance, includes user behaviour and additional training needs, usage trends, vocabulary requirements and speech recognition accuracy. In the analysis we identify key opportunities for improvement and deploy these enhancements, to ensure optimal results over time.

Our business is mainly focused on the professional user, for whom the document creation process is a critical and fundamental component of their day to day job. Only in unusual circumstances do we sell any of our products without installation, training and after sales support. We pride ourselves in being certified experts in our fields and strive to maintain the personal touch in supporting our customers.
All Voice Power customers are entitled to a base level of support on any software and hardware supplied directly by us.

Support coverage: 9am – 5pm local time for all business days.

Support available via:Voice Power Quick Support


Annual Support and Maintenance Contract (ASM)

Users can choose to purchase an Annual Support and Maintenance (ASM) contract, providing customers with a package of benefits designed to keep users fully trained and the systems operating at maximum efficiency. The benefits of an ASM Contract with Voice Power include:

  • Unlimited telephone/email help with software functionality & problem resolution
  • Preventative maintenance checks on Voice Power supplied hardware and software
  • Speech Recognition optimisation services
  • Annual Health-checks
  • Regional ‘Tips and Tricks forums’ for users of our software
  • Technical assistance via remote PC access



All our trainers are Dragon Certified Instructors on the current (& previous) version of Dragon. These qualifications demonstrate our staff have:

  • Certified Dragon TrainerDelivered training on Dragon for over 5 years
  • Attended intensive training courses provided by Nuance (or approved affiliates in the past)
  • Provided a number of end-user testimonials


Our trainers are experts in providing training for a wide range of requirements, from individuals with assistive technology requirements to groups of corporate and medical users. With a customisable training curriculum to meet your needs, we travel NZ to conduct installations and deliver training programs either on site or via remote internet based 1-1 or group sessions.

qualification_texthelp_certified_instructorTexthelp Certified Trainer qualification ensures that trainers know everything about Read & Write software and how to tailor the software to the individual. We have a network of Certified Trainers throughout the NZ, who are able to carry out on-site courses on this software to the highest standard.


David has been an excellent resource for configuring and implementing Dragon Professional and Dragon Medical Voice Recognition systems in the Medical Imaging environment. His knowledge of the product and his ability to provide creative solutions “outside the box” have been key to the success of the product. He is always willing to assist with issues and work with the customer to find solutions. I would have no hesitation in reccomending or working with David again in the future.

Kevin Hughes
Kevin Hughes, MHSc, CIIP, RTR, ACR Global Applications Specialist at Agfa HealthCare

I bought Dragon NaturallySpeaking off David Shepherd 10 years ago and have had ongoing support from him ever since. He is one of the most pleasant and professional IT people I have ever worked with. He explains things in a simple down-to-earth manner which is extremely helpful for someone like myself who is middle-aged and struggles to understand the nuances of computer software.

Roger Brooking


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