Nuance PowerMic III Firmware Update

About the PowerMic III Update

If you currently dictate with a Nuance® PowerMic™ III, you may not have heard that a firmware update was released in February, 2017.
This update, version 1.41, includes some important fixes, so you’ll want to update ASAP.

This firmware update applies specifically to the PowerMic III. Do not attempt to install it on any other microphone, including the PowerMic II.

What Does This Update Fix?

  • Some users found that the PowerMic III was still listening while muted.
  • After waking a computer up from sleep, some users found that the buttons would not work.
  • The record button did not turn on the Dragon® microphone, in some instances.

Updating your Firmware

The PowerMic needs to stay plugged in for the duration of this procedure.
If your PowerMic disconnects from the computer while the firmware is updating, it could ruin the microphone, so be careful.

How to Download the Firmware Update

Go to this page and the file named “PowerMic III FW Update v1.41” will automatically download to your computer.

How Do I Update the Firmware?

  1. Close your Dragon application.
  2. Plug in the PowerMic III (if it is not already plugged in).
  3. Unzip the folder named “” If you need help with unzipping the file contact us for support.
  4. Double-click the file named “PM3_update_v102.exe.”
  5. If you get a pop-up window stating that the “publisher could not be verified,” click [Run].
  6. You should now see a “PM3_update” window with this status message: “FW ready to update.” Click the [Update FW] button.
  7. The firmware will now install. You should see a message saying “downloading,” as well as a green bar progressing to the right.
  8. When the firmware is finished installing, the green bar will be full, and the status message will display: “FW up to date.”You should also see “1.41” as the new firmware version. Click [OK].
  9. You’re all done and ready to use Dragon again!

Need Help Updating Your Firmware?

We’d love to help you update your PowerMic III firmware. Contact us for more information about our technical support services, or review our ASM contracts here.


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