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After many years in the industry working for other entities, David Shepherd realised that the personal touch and genuine partnership with customers had been on the decline. He resolved to gather the most experienced certified trainers and sector experts together in one team with the goal to provide the best service, sales, support and training possible.

We believe we are selling more than just software and hardware but a new paradigm in efficient and productive workflow. To get the best out of our solutions, the vast majority of enterprises and individuals not only benefit from help at the earliest stages, they need to have someone guide them. This is the same for entire law-firms to sole practitioners, single physicians to complete hospital departments, dyslexic children to ‘C’ level management.

Our aim is to partner with you; to hear your stories, discover the bottlenecks and frustrations in your existing document creation processes and tailor a solution to bring significant improvements to your organisation.  More importantly to remain connected, upskilling you and optimising these full featured solutions to continue to drive your businesses forward.

Our team have a wide range of experience in implementing solutions in diverse and challenging environments across all sectors where documentation is the core of the business. With certified trainers and experts in Corporate, Legal, Healthcare, Education and Assistive Technology sectors; we are flexible and committed to empowering your documentation process.

Reconnect with us to review your existing setup, talk about new improvements in the technologies and see future innovations coming to NZ. Contact us online or via our 0508 4 DRAGON number.

Voice Power NZ Ltd – bringing you documentation at the speed of sound!

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